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Vanenge Consult

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Commitment to social change.

Vanenge Consult

Lead successful and responsible change process and change management.

About Us

Vanenge Consult.

Contrary to the ‘Information deficit model’ theory, which was introduced in the 1980’s to describe a widely held belief about science communication—that much of the public’s skepticism about science and new technology was rooted, quite simply, in a lack of knowledge, and that if the public only knew more, they would be more likely to embrace scientific information, abundant scientific and behavioural research has shown that awareness campaigns alone do not change attitude. If the goal is just to increase public knowledge about an issue, then awareness campaigns alone is enough. But if the goal is to change people’s attitudes and behaviours, social change activists need to use behavioural science to craft campaign that use messaging and concrete calls to action that get people to change how they feel, think and act to create long-lasting change they desire to see. This is where Vanenge Consult comes in.


Our Values.

1. Integrity – our services are guided and led by honesty and firm moral principles.
2. Commitment to helping you achieve your goal – helping you achieve your goal is our commitment and the reason for our existence.
3. Excellence – we are outstanding and excellent at what we do.
4. Commitment to social change – our services are driven by our commitment and dedication to helping you succeed, and to creating and sustaining social change in our world


Our Mission.

To help public and private organizations:
1. Develop a theory of change
2. Achieve their mission through effective, strategic, and focused awareness raising, advocacy and campaigns
3. Lead successful and responsible change process and change management.


Our Service To You.

In addition, we will teach you how to avoid the following risks associated with wrong awareness raising campaigns. They include:
1.When Awareness Campaigns Lead to No Action
2.When Awareness Campaigns Reach the Wrong Audience
3.When Awareness Creates Harm
4.When Awareness Leads to Backlash
5.Confusion or misinterpretation of the campaign message
6.Dissonance between individual’s new found attitudes and reality
7.Boomerang effect-opposite of what was intended
8.Desensitization – long term decrease in sensitivity to the campaign issue;
9.Resource diversion from other issue areas
10.Reinforcement of social inequalities you want to prevent

Lets Work With You

Instead, we will teach you how to create awareness that will make people do what they have not done before, leading to lasting change you want to see.


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